PVC Rigid Core Sheet Extrusion Line

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It is suitable for the production of all kinds of transparent, semi-transparent and highly filling Rigid PVC plastic packing sheet.product thickness:0.06–1.2mm

product width:600–1700mm

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Model JHZ80/156 /JHZ92/188 /JHZ 110/220

CAPACITY  300kg/hour to 1500kg/hour

According to the forming state of coextrusion material

According to the forming state of coextrusion material, the extrusion process of plastic profile can be divided into pre coextrusion and post coextrusion. Pre coextrusion refers to the compound forming of two materials in the process of incomplete forming; Post coextrusion means that one material is fully formed and then combined with another material. The advantage of post coextrusion is that waste can be used and the economy is better.

By extrusion material

The extrusion process of plastic profile can be divided into organic co extrusion and inorganic co extrusion according to different extrusion materials. Organic coextrusion includes pre coextrusion of the same material (such as fine materials and recycled materials), pre coextrusion of different materials (such as PMMA and PVC) and post coextrusion of soft and hard PVC; Inorganic coextrusion can be divided into aluminum-plastic composite coextrusion and steel plastic composite coextrusion.

This paper focuses on post coextrusion, aluminum plastic composite profile coextrusion, steel plastic composite profile coextrusion and two-color coextrusion.

Compared with the traditional FCE technology, the post coextrusion technology has the advantages of simple process, flexible application, low scrap rate, easy recovery and controllable adhesive strength. At present, the technology is mainly used in the manufacture of profile with sealing strip for doors and windows.

The traditional extrusion technology of pre coextrusion plastic profile is one-step forming technology. Melt materials with different rheological behaviors or colors are extruded from more than two extruders to the same forming die. These melts flow in their respective channels in the forming die, and then converge at the die for extrusion, and then vacuum in the setting sleeve to cool and set.

Sheet Specifications

Thickness 1mm to 20mm
Size 1000 x 2000mm, 1220 x 2000mm, 1250 x 2000mm, 1220 x 2440mm.
Standard Color Industrial Grey, Red, and White

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