SPC Flooring Sheet /Wall Decoration Sheet Extrusion Line

Short Description:

SPC Flooring sheet is based on PVC core sheet with 2 extra layers of film . it is widely used as flooring materials for various places .

This sheet also can be used a wall decoration panel which will give good performance on display .

With various pattern design , this sheet can be better than normal decorative paper and sheet due to there is one more layer for anti-scracth .

It is long last material for wall panel and it is just developped for this application ,it will be popular very soon in near future .

Machine information :

Sheet wdith : 970-1350mm , thickness : 2-8mm

Capacity : 1200kg/hour

Machine length : 35meters

Extruder type : Twin conical

Motor Power: 200 kw


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Product Details

SPC FLOORING SHEET Extrusion line not only can make qualified sheet for flooring purpose and also can be used for making walling paneling sheet which can give various pattern design for wall decoration , can be applied for different places and style .

With complete process for spc based sheet , this line can laminate all film online and keep high work efficiency .

Output sheet size : 0.8-2.5mm ,  width 1220mm-1800mm

Capacity : 280-500kg/hour

Power : 190-250kw 

Application and characteristics of the product

1. Green environmental protection, no formaldehyde, non-toxic and harmless, no radioactive pollution, no pollution to the environment, belongs to green environmental protection products, can be recycled.

2. Super wear-resistant: PVC floor surface has a special transparent wear-resistant layer processed by high technology, which has super wear resistance. Therefore, PVC floor is more and more popular in hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, vehicles and other places with large flow of people.

3. Waterproof, moisture-proof, no deformation in case of water, anti-skid PVC material, strong skid resistance, can eliminate the worries of the elderly and children.

4. Tough and elastic: impact resistant, comfortable foot feel.

5. High safety, insulation, flame retardant, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, 5% acetic acid. 5% hydrochloric acid, no abnormal surface. Five seconds out of the flame. It has a long service life of more than 20 years/ 6. New colors, a variety of colors to choose from, gorgeous colors, natural lifelike, any combination of color modeling, highlighting the personality of color, fast and convenient installation, convenient construction, can be sawed, planed, nailed, viscose paint free.

The production line adopts intelligent control, with high degree of automation, stable equipment, simple operation and high production efficiency. By changing different specifications of the mold, we can produce a variety of specifications, sizes, shapes, thickness of wood plastic decorative wallboard.

"PVC wallboard", also known as "integrated wall", is a kind of material widely used in home, engineering and other wall decoration, which is made of bamboo fiber and resin material as surface technology. Its design and color are comparable to traditional wallpaper, and it also has the advantages of wallboard. It is a new type of wall decoration material instead of wall paint and wallpaper.

PVC wall panel production line, PVC production line products are non-toxic, tasteless, moisture resistant, corrosion resistant, light weight, gorgeous appearance, rich color, pure, and have anti bending, anti aging, tensile, compression, tear strength high performance.

PVC wallboard production line, PVC wallboard production line focuses on the advantages of wood and plastic. It not only has the appearance of natural wood, but also overcomes the shortcomings of natural wood. It has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, insect proof, high dimensional stability, no cracking, and has higher hardness than pure plastic. It has the processability similar to wood, and can be used for cutting, painting, bonding, etc Fix with nails or bolts. With the dual advantages of cost and performance, wood plastic board materials continue to expand the application field, more and more to replace other traditional materials.

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