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  • SPC Flooring Sheet /Wall Decoration Sheet Extrusion Line

    SPC Flooring Sheet /Wall Decoration Sheet Extrusion Line

    SPC Flooring sheet is based on PVC core sheet with 2 extra layers of film . it is widely used as flooring materials for various places .

    This sheet also can be used a wall decoration panel which will give good performance on display .

    With various pattern design , this sheet can be better than normal decorative paper and sheet due to there is one more layer for anti-scracth .

    It is long last material for wall panel and it is just developped for this application ,it will be popular very soon in near future .

    Machine information :

    Sheet wdith : 970-1350mm , thickness : 2-8mm

    Capacity : 1200kg/hour

    Machine length : 35meters

    Extruder type : Twin conical

    Motor Power: 200 kw


  • SPC Flooring Sheet Extrusion Line

    SPC Flooring Sheet Extrusion Line

    The SPC lock floor is composed of a thick wear-resistant layer, a UV layer, a color film texture layer, and a base material layer. European and American countries call this kind of floor RVP (rigid vinyl plank), rigid plastic floor. The base material is a composite board made of stone powder and thermoplastic polymer material after being evenly stirred and then extruded at high temperature. At the same time, it has the properties and characteristics of wood and plastic to ensure the strength ...